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  1. Required number of ECTS points: 25-30 per semester.
  2. During selection pay attention that some of courses are available in the winter semester (odd semester) or summer semester (even semester) only.
  3. If you apply to more than one SUT's faculty, select the priority (main) faculty - the one with the biggest numer of ECTS points. In case of changes to the Learning Agreement the priority faculty must remain the same.
  4. Limit the number of faculties to two to avoid timetable conflict.
  5. Courses marked with asterisk * or optional ones may not be available during particular semester - to be confirmed at the beginning of semester by Departmental Coordinator.
  6. In order to learn about content of particular syllabi student should contact Departmental Coordinator.
  7. The on-line platform is for recruitment only. In case of changes to the Learning Agreement the student should follow the procedure explained during Orientation Days.
  8. If the Learning Agreement is accepted by the Departmental Coordinator, it will be send to you. You have to print and sign it, collect the signature of your home university and upload it to your on-line profile.
IMPORTANT - our experience shows that students have huge problems to follow academic plan composed at more faculties due to overlapping classes and different locations of faculties (note: the SUT is spread among 3 campuses, in 3 different cities).
ArchitectureBAHistory of Architecture2winter
ArchitectureMAHistory of interior design and furniture2winter
ArchitectureMAChosen aspects of modern art2summer
ArchitectureBAFine Techniques in Architecture 23winter
ArchitectureBAModule A4- Basics of visual design2summer
ArchitectureBAModule B4- Advanced graphic designig techniques2summer
ArchitectureBAArchitecture design studio7winter
ArchitectureBAArchitecture design studio8summer
ArchitectureBAUrban design studio7winter
ArchitectureBAUrban design studio7summer
ArchitectureBASurvey methodes of the quality of building and urban spaces3winter
ArchitectureBAComputer aided design2winter
ArchitectureBAAdvanced computer aided design2summer
ArchitectureBAArchitecture psychology1winter
ArchitectureBALandscape design2winter
ArchitectureBAModern architecture2summer
ArchitectureBAIntroduction to building conservation2summer
ArchitectureBASocial participation in architectural and urban desing1summer
ArchitectureBAHistory of town building2summer
ArchitectureBAConnotations in architecture2summer
ArchitectureMAArchitecture design studio10summer
ArchitectureMAUrban design studio7winter
ArchitectureMAConservation design studio7winter
ArchitectureMAIntelligent building3winter
ArchitectureMAComputer animation2winter
ArchitectureMAPlace making1summer
ArchitectureMAArchitecture design studio10winter
ArchitectureMAArea development plans7summer
ArchitectureMAModern architecture2summer
ArchitectureMAModern spatial planning challenges2summer
ArchitectureMAArchitectural detail2summer
ArchitectureMAModule A3 - Interior Architecture Design 3 / Space of Future8winter
ArchitectureMAModule B3 - Interior Architecture Design 3 / New forms-new meanings8winter
ArchitectureBAModule A2 - Interior Architecture Design 1/ Housing interior - model space6summer
ArchitectureBAModule B2 - Interior Architecture Design 1/ Housing design - adaptations6summer
ArchitectureBAModule A5- Basics of exhibition design/ ideological exhibition3winter
ArchitectureBAModule B5- Basics of exhibition design/comercial exhibition3winter
ArchitectureBAModule A3- Basics of furniture design1 /housing spaces3winter
ArchitectureBAModule B3- Basics of furniture design1 / comercial spaces3winter
ArchitectureBAGraphic design and photography2winter
ArchitectureBAPsychophysiology of vision4winter
ArchitectureBALighting and lighting techniques3winter
ArchitectureBAGreenery design2winter
ArchitectureBAConstruction systems in architecture1winter
ArchitectureBATypography and mark design3summer
ArchitectureMACreation drawing4winter
ArchitectureMASpace creation4winter
ArchitectureMAModule A1-Interior architecture design 1/architecture of meanings8winter
ArchitectureMAModule B1-Interior architecture design 1/ idea in space8winter
ArchitectureMAModule A1-Modernization and adaptation of antique interiors/postindustrial spaces4winter
ArchitectureMAModule B1-Modernization and adaptation of antique interiors/public spaces4winter
ArchitectureMAOptional project 1: Detail in architecture and interior4summer
ArchitectureMAOptional project 2: Project of urban interior detail4summer
ArchitectureMAForeign language2summer
ArchitectureMAAspects of colour and painting in architecture4summer
ArchitectureMADigital creation4summer
ArchitectureMAModule A2 - Exhibition design / ideological exhibition5summer
ArchitectureMAModule B2 - Exhibition design / thematic exhibition5summer
ArchitectureMAModule A2-Architectural design /architecture of public spaces5summer
ArchitectureMAModule B2-Architectural design /service facilities architecture5summer
ArchitectureMAModule A2-Interior architecture design 2 / spaces of integration8summer
ArchitectureMAModule B2-Interior architecture design 2 / architecture for extreme groups8summer
ArchitectureBABuilding construction and material4winter
ArchitectureBABuilding structures4summer
ArchitectureBAArchitectural detail3summer
ArchitectureBAPhilosophy and aesthetics of design2summer
ArchitectureMAArchitecture design - mixed use public complexes10winter
ArchitectureMAUrban regeneration7winter
ArchitectureMAOptional lecture: Polish modern architecture versus Silesian School of Architecture1winter
ArchitectureMAOptional lecture: Architecture of sports objects1winter
ArchitectureMAOptional lecture: City Economy1winter
ArchitectureMAOptional lecture: History of spatial planning1winter
ArchitectureMAMaster's design thesis in architecture20winter
ArchitectureMADiploma seminar3winter
ArchitectureMARegional planning4winter
ArchitectureMAPractising an occupation as architect1winter
ArchitectureMAOptional lecture: Form of indwelling in the cultural and social context2winter
ArchitectureMAoptional lecture: Health care objects2winter
ArchitectureMAArchitectural design - industry10summer
ArchitectureMALocal Planning7summer
ArchitectureMANew technologies and design methodes in architecture3summer
ArchitectureMASpatial planning2summer
ArchitectureMAMethodology of scientific work4summer
ArchitectureMAOptional seminar: Interdisciplinary research in ergonomics2summer
ArchitectureMAOptional seminar: Residential areas - history, trends, contamporary challenges2summer
Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer ScienceBAForeign language - Polish language course (sem. 1)2winter
Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer ScienceBAForeign language - Polish language course (sem. 2)2summer
Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer ScienceBAForeign language - Polish language course (sem. 3)2winter
Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer ScienceBAForeign language - Polish language course (sem. 4)2summer
Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer ScienceBAAlgebra and analytic geometry (sem. 1)5winter
Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer ScienceBAAlgebra and analytic geometry (sem. 2)5summer
Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer ScienceBACalculus and differential equations (sem. 1)6winter
Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer ScienceBACalculus and differential equations (sem. 2)5summer
Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer ScienceBAIntroduction to Electric and Electronic Circuits (sem. 2)5winter
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