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Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering - History


In 1953, the Faculty of Mechanics and Energy was established by Professor Stanisław Ochęduszko – the first Dean of the Faculty. At that time, the new structure consisted of the Institute of Thermal Technology, Institute of Power Engineering and Turbomachinery and the Department of Heating Apparatus and Waste Disposal. In 1971, Faculty underwent some organizational changes. The Institute of Environmental Protection Engineering was established, within which the Department of Heating, Ventilation and Atmosphere Protection was created.

In 1981, the Institute of Environmental Protection Engineering was divided into two separate Institutes: the Institute of Heating, Ventilation and Air Protection and the Institute of Water, Wastewater and Waste Technologies.

In 1993, the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Energy was founded by combining the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Environmental Engineering. The first Dean of the new Faculty was Professor Korneliusz Miksch.

In 2008, the Energy and Environmental Engineering interdisciplinary studies were launched, where all of the classes were conducted in English.

In 2010, the Environmental Engineering major was awarded a merit grade by the National Accreditation Commission, and in 2012 the same major received the title of ‘The best study major’, granted to the best stury programs offered by Polish universities, academies, technical universities and other higher education institutions. In 2016, the Environmental Engineering major at the Silesian University of Technology was the best in Poland, according to the Ranking of Studies in Higher Education, issued by the Perspektywy magazine.

Today the Council of our Faculty is authorized to grant PhD. and DSc. scientific degrees in the fields of mechanical engineering, power engineering and environmental engineering.

We also collaborate with numerous international partners in terms of students exchange and research programs.

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