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Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automation - Study offer 


Aside from doctoral studies, at this moment all programmes are conducted in Polish.

Classes take place in the Faculty building in Gliwice. Students have at their disposal numerous laboratories and educational workshops, equipped with high-quality devices and work stations.

Study programmes are adapted to European standards, based on the ECTS points system (European Credit Transfer System).

Study programmes available at the Faculty of Mining and Geology:


Mining and Geology

First degree (Engineer) – 7 semesters (in Polish)

Second degree (Master) – 3 semesters (in Polish)

Third degree (Doctoral) – 6 semesters (available in Polish and English)

Students of the Mining and Geology programme can choose one of 11 specializations, covering all aspects of mining. In the first cycle of study (first degree), during the first three semesters all students participate in common and general classes, the choice of specialization takes place after the third semester.

List of specializations:

  • Electrical engineering and automation in mining
  • Underground construction and surface protection
  • Resource exploitation and waste management
  • Mining geodesy
  • Mining and exploration geology
  • Engineering geology and geotechnics
  • Surface mining
  • Computer science and management in mining
  • Mining construction and road machines
  • Mining and drilling machinery and equipment


Safety Engineering

First degree (Engineer) – 7 semesters (Polish)

Second degree (Master) – 3 semesters (Polish)

Education at the Safety Engineering programme is carried out on 3 specializations. Students acquire skills and knowledge of both general and specialized subjects. During the first cycle of study, the first three semesters include common and general subjects, directed to all students of this programme. The specialization can be chosen after the third semester.

List of specializations:

  • Technology and organization of occupational safety and health
  • Security engineering and crisis management
  • Water management and flood risk


New programmes (starting in the academic year 2017/2018):


Automation and Industrial Computing

First degree – 8 semesters

Second degree studies are planned to start after the first degree is complete.

Automation and Industrial Computing programme has a practical profile, which means that most of the activities are related to practical professional preparation and serves to acquire necessary practical skills. Classes are conducted by people with work experience, while practical activities cover topics from the field of automatics, electrical engineering, electronics, signal processing and computer science, especially the broadly understood programming.

Graduates of this programme have knowledge and skills in the field of automatic regulation, computer science, signal analysis, decision and computing algorithms, can use computer hardware, various types of industrial controllers and professional engineering software.


Mineral Resources Management

First degree: 7 semesters

Second degree: 3 semesters

Mineral Resources Management is a new, unique study programme, where students are prepared to become specialists in shaping and implementation of raw material policy as a foundation for economic development and raw materials security in Poland.

Graduates of this programme have knowledge in the field of:

  • construction of Earth’s lithosphere, its processes and effects,
  • occurrence of primary, secondary and waste mineral materials, methods of their examination and economic use,
  • methods of exploration, exploitation and processing of mineral deposits and processing of minerals,
  • modern technologies and methods of mineral engineering,
  • principles and conditions of mineral resources management, including production and consumption of raw materials and their trade,
  • financial and economic conditions of raw materials industry
  • legal regulations and principles of creating and developing forms of entrepreneurship in the field of mineral resource management


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