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Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automation - Laboratories and equipment 


Department of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation (RG 1) has developed the following computer programs for the industry:

·         SNN 1.0 – program to assist the calculation of low-voltage mining power networks

·         SWN 2.0 – program supporting the calculation of mining SN power networks

·         TEG 3.1 – program supporting the design of electrical traction in mining


Department of Mining Mechanization and Robotisation (RG 2) has at its disposal the following research infrastructure:

·        Test stand for the wear of tribological materials, used on machine and device elements in presence of mineral abrasives OR a lubricant in accordance with the PN-82/H-04332 standard 

·        Test stand for dynamic and oil properties of FZG gears

·        Test stand for determining static and kinematic coefficient of external friction between materials

·        Robotized workstation for scanning 3D heads/milling robots and other machine components for geometric measurement and Reverse Engineering,

·        Workstation for measuring stereometry of mining machine working elements 

·        Robotized station for testing technology of knife holders automatic assembly on heads/bodies of milling machines,

·        Experimental station to study the process of digging with roadheaders,

·        Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning Kit (Geodetic Scanner),

·        GOM Inspect Professional software,

·        Geometric Design X software,

·        RAD Studio Professional,

·        Vision system for KUKA robot,

·        Mobile test station for thickness measurement and axial runout of hoisting machine brake disk,

·        Specialized mining pit signal recorder,

·        Set for measuring loads in underground conditions,

·        System for registering and processing measuring signals, along with CATMAN 32E operating system for data analysis and acquisition,

·        Modified system for recording signals from the front machines, PKF 75 converter, PP 83 HDL converters, PP 83 HB transducers – current transformer.


Department of Safety Engineering (RG 3) has at its disposal the following calculating programmes:

Programs for statistical and econometric calculations:

·        STATISTICA – STAT SOFT Poland

·        KOREL – calculation of the full correlation matrix

·        OPTF – determining the optimum function by correlation coefficients

·        REGR – calculation of linear regression parameters

·        REGF – calculation of linear regression parameters with choice of function form.

·        PROGN – Regression analysis and forecast by extrapolation of regression functions.

·        PBME – program for making econometric models.

·        TAKS – Discrimination of a set of objects to similar subsets – method for stochastic taxonomy

·        WAGI – Determining factors of relative importance – method of expert group evaluation.

·        MDS – meter for work load structure dynamics

·        MRGOS – Measure of economic development.

·        NORMT – Testing the normality of decomposition.

·        CPM – Analysis of activity network – CPM algorithm.

·        PERT – Analysis of activity network – PERT method.

·        GZLW – Program for grouping random variables using Fisher’s test.

·        MDYST – Calculation of distance matrix.

·        TBLST – Printing statistic tables: Student’s test, Chi-square test, Critical R.

·        MDYSP – Calculation of dispersion measures.

·        WZKOR – Drawing compound “y” correlation graph: yest=f(x).

Programs for mining companies:

·        ANSYS FLUENT – program allows to conduct research related to fluid flows (liquids, gases) and related processes of combustion, explosion, radiation.

·        DSE – Selection of operating systems.

·        WPS – Calculation of wall production results.

·        DOBKOMSC – Selection of wall complexes’ sets.

·        DOBSPWEG – Selection of wall complexes’ equipment in coal mine corridors.

·        DOBSPKAM – Selection of wall complexes’ equipment in stone corridors.


Department of Mining (RG 5) has at its disposal two well-equipped laboratories:

·        Computer laboratory equipped with specialized software for development of geodesic and cartographic works and implementation of research, such as: AutoCAD software, ArcGIS, Statistica, MapSG, Ce-Geo, GEONET, Geolisp, EDNOPN mining deformation prediction software,

·        Geodatical laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art surveying equipment from Japanese company Topcon, Swiss Leica, German Zeiss, Chinese South and Swedish-American Spectra Precision and Trimble (GPS), levellers, tachymeters, satellite receivers.


Department of Applied Geology (RG 6) has the following laboratories and equipment:

·        Drill for dry and wet vertical drilling (max. drilling diameter: fi 168, max. drilling depth: 25m),

·        UV/VIS DR 5000 HACHLANGE spectrophotometer,

·        Magnum II ERTEC microwave mineralizer,

·        ROTAX 6.8 rotary shaker,

·        Multi Bio RS-24 programmable rotator with PRS-26 and PRS-10 platforms,

·        pH, ORP and conductivity meters, DO-PORTAMESS,

·        Volumetric sorption apparatus (pressure: 0-20 MPa, temperature: 20-80*C),

·        Apparatus for flow testing on cores (Hassler cell),

·        CFD simulation software.


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