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Faculty of Civil Engineering - Laboratories and equipment


The Faculty of Civil Engineering has at its disposal the following equipment:

  • Integrated measuring and loading system for testing reinforced concrete structures
  • Potentiostat Gamry Reference 600 for determining corrosion rate in reinforcement
  • Environmental and corrosion test chamber, where the temperature and humidity can be adjusted
  • Profile Grinding Kit – for concrete powder samples
  • Vacuum evaporator – used to concentrate solutions and model pore water during laboratory tests
  • Rheometer for cement paste and mortar Viskomat XL and NT
  • TAM Air Calorimeter
  • Automatic Vicat apparatus
  • Shrinkage-Cone for testing plastic shrinkage
  • Thin Layer Shrinkage System
  • Graf-Kaufman apparatus for testing mortars shrinkage
  • Chamber to test the aging of building materials, external façade texture invoices and layered walls structure
  • Reverberation Chambers: acoustic absorption of materials; insulating from airborne sounds; insulating from impact sounds
  • SoundPLAN 7.3 – used for noise mapping, conducting acoustic simulations and creating maps of the environmental and industrial acoustic noise levels
  • Ultrasound device to test the time of setting – measuring early setting and hardening of cement pastes and mortars using ultrasonic waves
  • Climate chamber – adopted for testing shrinkage of cement-based materials in different curing conditions, as well as rheological and setting properties
  • Cement compression and flexural machine 300 kN
  • Concrete compression and flexural machine 3000 kN
  • Concrete flexural machine 200 kN
  • Temperature curing chamber to accelerate curing of mortars and concrete
  • Automatic Freeze-Thaw Tester to test resistance during freezing and thawing
  • Mixers for mortars and concrete, moulds for mortar and concrete specimens, water baths, saws for concrete
  • Los Angeles abrasion machine
  • Böhme abrasion wheel tester
  • Electromagnetic sieve shakers
  • Micro Deval machine with safety cabinet
  • Triaxial Apparatus for study of cohesive and non-cohesive soils
  • Direct Shear Apparatus
  • Oedometer
  • Tapered penetrometer
  • Cassagrande Apparatus
  • Light Weight Deflectometer
  • Full-scale Geogrid-Soil Interaction test station
  • Sieve Extractor for indicating the composition of mineral-asphalt mixtures


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