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Faculty of Biomedical Engineering has a highly qualified academic Staff and modern research laboratories, equipped with the latest generation apparatus, ensuring high level of work. The main research is conducted in the following fields:

- development and use of experimental methods to study the states of mechanical strain and stress in biomechanical objects in stimulated laboratory conditions,
- optimization of shape, mechanical properties and performance of implants for prosthodontics, as well as reconstructive and interventional surgery,
- testing the corrosion and biodegradation resistance of metal, polymer, ceramic and composite biomaterials,
- research of the new generation of rehabilitation equipment, with the use of rehabilitation supervision and control,
- application of model tests for anaysis of loads acting on the human skeletal and muscular system with the use of MES and dynamics of mutal-partial system
- support of sports training with the use of bio-mechanical tests
- biomedical signals and pictures stimulation activity
- computer aided systems for picture diagnosis and therapy,
- supporting system for laparoscope therapy,
- using imaging navigation to support low invasive surgery

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering


- Department of Informatics and Medical Equipment
- Department of Biomaterials and Medical Devices Engineering
- Department of Biomechatronics
- Department of Biosensors and Processing of Biomedical Signals


Biomedical Engineering


Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Roosvelta 40
41-800 Zabrze

Tel.: +48 32 2371520

Dean: Professor Marek Gzik PhD, DSc

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