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Rules for the use of "cookies" on the websites of the Silesian University of Technology

Two types of cookies/cookies - permanent and session - are used on websites maintained by the Information Center of the Silesian University of Technology.
  • Cookies of a permanent nature are data used to store information between individual visits of the website by the user. They can be used both for memorizing user preferences and for analyzing their behavior. This type of cookie is stored in the user's device (usually a specific file in the browser's technical folder) and remains in it for the time specified by the server at the time of creation or until the user deletes it himself.
  • Cookies of a session nature are data necessary to maintain the session as part of the current activities of the website user. This type of data is stored only in the user's end device's operating memory and remains there until the session is terminated - the website is closed or the web browser is shut down.

How do you change your browser settings to manage cookies or completely block them? Example information for selected browsers:
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Admin Rules for the use of "cookies" on the websites of the Silesian University of Technology
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