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Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Fulbright Scholarships for SUT’s scientists

Scientists from the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Krzysztor Rajczykowski and Wojciech Adamczyk, were awarded scholarships from the prestigious Polish-American Fulbright Committee. Next year they will spend few-month-long research scholarships in American colleges.

Wojciech Adamczyk, PhD, from the Institute of Thermal Technology, was awarded scholarship in the category Fulbright Senior Award. Thanks to that, he will participate in a 9-month-long scholarship in the Utah University in Salt Lake City, where he will continue to conduct his research.

Krzysztof Rajczykowski, MSc Eng., PhD student at the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering, was granted a scholarship in the category Fulbright Junior Research Award. This scholarship will allow him to spend 6 month at one of the best universities in the world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he will continue his work and research related to his PhD project.

The mission of the Polish-American Fulbright Committee is to develop and strengthen the scientific and cultural cooperation between Poland and the USA. Scholarships, depending on the category, are awarded to students, graduates, PhD students and scientific staff.

The Committee offers the outstanding students and graduates of Polish universities funding to start their studies in the USA. In case of PhD students, it allows to complete their research project at an American college, research institute or a non-governmental organization.

Scientific staff, on the other hand, can implement their own research projects. They can also conduct classes.

Created: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 7:11 AM, by: Karolina Krukiewicz
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