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Friday, January 11, 2019
CEEPUS Summer School

The Silesian University of Technology organises an International and Interdisciplinary CEEPUS Summer School on 18-27 September, 2017. The aim of the project is to gather PhD students from different CEEPUS countries in order to work on one big project, divided into six parts, implemented on various faculties of the university. Each faculty - or school - will focus on a different discipline: architecture and urban design, electrical engineering, organization and management, mechanical engineering and crisis management. Those schools will be partially independent, but – at the same time – will be connected as parts of one bigger platform, through joint lectures and the implementation of one interdisciplinary project. Thus, the participants will not only be able to deepen the knowledge within their area of expertise, but will also have a chance to participate in joint lectures, presenting basic information, technologies and methods used in other areas of engineering.

Aside from the transfer of knowledge, another important purpose of this project is the development of interdisciplinary integration and teamwork within research teams. During the implementation of a joint project, it is necessary to have knowledge from various areas: management of critical infrastructure, security engineering and ergonomics, the use of innovative construction materials and building techniques in the creation of urban space, urban-architectural design, control of mechanic systems and widely understood engineering design. A few mixed teams will be created, all of which will include representatives from each of the summer schools.

The CEEPUS programme grant will sponsor the attendance of 63 foreign participants. Aside from them, Polish students will also have a Chance to attend, however at their own cost.

All necessary information is available at the website:

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