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Tuesday, February 27, 2018
SUT’s PhD student qualified for the FameLab contest final!

Małgorzata Krystek from the Faculty of Civil Engineering got qualified into the final of the Polish edition of FameLab, one of the most important contests in the field of worldwide scientific communication. In May this year, she will compete for the main prize, as well as the opportunity to participate in the international FameLab 2018 finals in Great Britain.


In the semi-final, two representatives from the Silesian University of Technology took part: Małgorzata Krystek from the Department of Structural Engineering of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Alina Brzęczek-Szafran from the Department of Chemical Organic Technology and Petrochemistry from the Faculty of Chemistry. The jury chose 10 among 25 scholars and popularisers from all around Poland.


Each of the participants of the competition was supposed to give a 3-minute-long presentation about their chosen scientific topic in such a way, so that the jury and the viewers who are not specialists in a given field could easily understand them. The correctness of terms and charisma of the participant, as well as the attractiveness of statements were also scored. The presentation of Małgorzata Krystek convinced the jury, and thus, our PhD student was chosen together with nine other finalists and will compete for the 1st place on May 19th in Warsaw.


This is not the first success of our representative in the field of popularization. In December last year, Małgorzata Krystek won the first Silesian edition of the Three Minute Thesis popularization contest, organized at the Silesian University of Technology, and won the audience award. Her story about the concrete of the future won the hearts of the jurors and the audience.

Created: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 2:13 PM, by: Karolina Krukiewicz
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