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Friday, January 11, 2019
PolSl Racing presented a modern bolid racing car!

Student association from the Silesian University of Technology - PolSl Racing - presented the effect of numerous months of their hard work – i.e. Quarado car. Young engineers who can boast about constructing, among others, an innovative motorcycle with electric drive, which proved unbeatable during the Smart Moto Challenge competition in Wrocław, they will soon start testing the Quarado car so that in summer time it can participate in the prestigious Formula Student competition. The presentation of the vehicle took place on 12 Wednesday,  December, at the Mrowisko Student Culture Centre.
Industry representatives, sponsors and university authorities attended the presentation.
The newest vehicle of the Student Scientific Club PolSl Racing - Quarado car - is a much improved and lighter version of the SW-01 car. The main goals that guided young scientists during its construction were primarily the improvement of car performance. They managed to achieve this by reducing the weight of the vehicle, as well as modifying the drive unit and chassis. It is related to the change of the concept of almost all car sub-assemblies.
- Our main task was to build a car which would be 25% better in every aspect than the previous one. We were convinced that we could build a vehicle that would be able to compete with the best ones. The results of experimental research went beyond our expectations - said Maciej Marzec, the leader of the SW-02 project, during the presentation.
The "revised" car weighs 220 kg, while the engine power has increased from 75 to 95 hp. It is therefore lighter than the original by 60 kg, which also translated into better acceleration. SW-02, or Quadro car, reaches 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. SW-01 was 1 second slower.
In the nearest future, the car will undergo a series of tests that will be a source of data, then drivers will have training to improve their skills at the competition, the next stage will be the implementation of development work, and then the introduction of modifications. Young engineers hope that in summer Quarado will take part in the Formula Student competition.

Created: Friday, January 11, 2019 12:23 PM, by: Marianna Zając
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