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Wednesday, May 09, 2018
French-Polish cooperation opportunities

Following the recent visit of Mr. Christophe Paoli, Attaché for Scientific and Academic Cooperation of the French Embassy in Poland, our University has received several cooperation opportunities. As Mr. Paoli underlined, the main tools for cooperation are: double degree programs, scholarships, France Alumni Pologne program and cooperation in research.

The French government is willing to financially support double degree programs between Polish and French universities. According to the embassy’s reports, to date, there have been 78 double degree programs facilitated within this project, mostly in the 2nd circle of study (Master). The report also shows, that the most popular fields of study, as for now, were: Management, Engineering Sciences, Linguistics, Law, Physics and Political Science.

In terms of scholarships, the French government also offers financial support of even EUR 450.000 per year, whereas for a Master-study candidate, monthly amount of scholarship would equal to EUR 767, and for PhD candidate – EUR 1060. Scholarships include insurance, accommodation access, monthly allowance and tuition fees.

The France Alumni Pologne is a network of 1,300 former Polish students (including double diploma students and scholars) or French-speaking professionals. The network gives both former students and companies access to a World Wide Platform gathering over 100,000 members. All over the year, numerous networking events are also organized to discuss and spread different ideas related to Polish-French cooperation.

Finally, when it comes to research cooperation, a good example could be the “Polonium” bilateral program, the aim of which is to support mobility of French and Polish research teams for the time period of 2 years. In 2017, 42 projects were already supported by means of this program, all of which were selected through a call for projects.

Main domains in 2017 included such fields as: chemistry, physics, technology of information and communication, medicine-biology, agronomy, humanities, engineering sciences and science of universe.

For more information, you can contact the staff of the French Embassy in Poland:

Coordinator for Science, responsible for French government scholarships:

Thibaud Dubrule


Coordinator for Science and Academic Cooperation:

Joanna Lora


Coordinator for Academic Cooperation:

Anne Kasprzack


Or visit the following websites:

Created: Wednesday, May 09, 2018 12:16 PM, by: Karolina Krukiewicz
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