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Monday, November 04, 2019
The International Staff Training Week is already over

On 21 – 25 October2019, the Foreign Languages Centre and the International Relations Office of the Silesian University of Technology (SUT) organised an International Staff Training Week for university educators and employees  from around the world. The staff week provided a forum to learn and share about the key concepts of virtual exchange and competences required for working in international professional networks within higher education.

The programme included fascinating lectures, workshops and discussion panels related to the  themes such as  virtual exchange and its role in teacher education in the 21stcentury, the Erasmus+ virtual exchange programme, global classroom, language competences as irreplaceable tools in projects, methodology and didactics of foreign language teaching based on international telecollaborative projects carried out at the Foreign Languages Centre of SUT  and – last but not least – webinars and how to organise and conduct them.

The participants of the International Staff Training Week not only listened to interesting lectures, but were also able to work in small groups, testing and evaluating simple online telecollaboration tools.

A wide range of topics with theoretical and practical examples were covered thanks to wonderful lecturers and specialists, such as:

·         Alastair Creelman - e-learning specialist in the unit of higher education development at Linnaeus University in Sweden

·         Małgorzata Kurek - researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​at Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa

·         Corina Löwe - assistant professor in German and literature at the Language Department of Linnaeus University in Sweden

·         Melissa de Wilde - specialist and researcher in educational innovation from  Ghent University in Belgium

·         Lecturers of The Foreign Languages Centre: Grażyna Duda and Janusz Sroka, Bożena Stefanowicz, Iwona Seta-Dąbrowska in cooperation with Daniela Caluianu from Otaru University of Commerce in Japan and Renata Pelka in cooperation with Corina Löwe from Linnaeus University in Sweden, all of whom presented their international telecollaborative projects.

The programme also included the possibility of contacting the participants of the International Staff Training Week with their counterparts  from  SUT, as well as establishing contacts with colleagues from our partner institutions. In addition, the participants, who represented various universities from around the world, had the opportunity to discover the SUT campus and the region. After a week of intensive training, the participants returned to their home countries and universities, satisfied  and full of new ideas.

In his  blog on education and technology, Alastair Creelman, one of the keynote guest speakers, has written two blog posts about the week in Gliwice in which he presented a wider view on the future of student mobility  and innovation that should be taken from project to mainstream.

Created: Monday, November 04, 2019 7:50 AM, by: Katarzyna Wojewódka
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