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Friday, August 09, 2019
The International Summer School of Architecture has just finished

The International Summer School of Architecture ended on 31 July at the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology. - Ten days of intensive exploration of our region, listening to lectures and joint project work are a great and fruitful time - emphasize the participants and already announce their arrival next year.

 The Summer School is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Architecture and the International Relation Office of the Silesian University of Technology in cooperation with the Scientific Student Association: History of Architecture and Cultural Heritage Protection as well as with Scientific Student Association + IKAWA and with the support of the rector and dean of the Faculty of Architecture of SUT.

The head and author of the International Summer School programme is professor Magdalena Żmudzińska-Nowak, Mr Jerzy Wojewódka, PhD and students: Karolina Chodura, Agata Wyciślok. Representatives of Students Associations: Julia Giżewska, Jakub Bródka, Kamil Kajdas, Artur Koszowski, Oliwia Tomas also joined the organization of summer school. 

The Summer School was addressed to architecture students from all over the world. This year, students and professors from Italy, China, Poland, as well as Egypt, Lebanon and Kosovo participated in the summer school.

The subject of the classes was “Architecture and Cultural Heritage of Silesia: Searching for a Common Language”. The subject matter and form of the classes aroused great interest and involvement of the participants. The classes were conducted in English and were divided into two parts:

Cognitive part 1:

"Architecture and cultural heritage of Upper Silesia". - These included lectures, local and guided tours ('in situ' lectures), meetings with experts and representatives of local communities. The presented examples included monuments adapted to tourist functions (Mines: Guido and Queen Louise Adit, Key Heritage Adit, Silver Mine Tarnowskie Góry), revitalized objects (Silesian Museum, "Nowe Gliwice", housing estates: Czerwionka-Leszczyny, Zandka, Biskupice, Nikiszowiec, Giszowiec, etc.) and examples of technologically advanced buildings: APA Smart Gliwice, NOSPR, Academy of Music, RTV Katowice.

The guided tour of the buildings was conducted by designers: Tomasz Konior (Konior-Studio),  Wojciech Małecki, Tomasz Wagner. They were also accompanied by experts: Beata Piecha van Schagen, (Coal Mining Museum in Zabrze), Teresa Szydłowska (Historical Silver Mine, Tarnowskie Góry), Ryszard Nakonieczny (Faculty of Architecture), Czesław Żemła (Czerwionka-Leszczyny Estate), Joanna Tofilska (Museum of the History of Katowice, Nikiszowiec), Przemo Łukasik (Medusa Group) and nobel architect -  Jurand Jarecki.

Lectures on Silesia and post-industrial heritage, workers' housing estates, the Silesian house as an idea of living and local community and revitalization of objects and post-industrial areas were delivered by professor Magdalena Żmudzińska-Nowak.

Practical part:

"Searching for a Common Language in Architecture'" - the main topic of the classes was "living in local cultural contexts". Students, through the synthesis of their own experiences related to the forms of living in their own country and the knowledge about the Silesian architecture gained during the training, created a vision of a contemporary house/residential estate, looking for a common language in architecture. To increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of joint work, students coming from abroad were required to present a presentation (ppt) on the architecture of traditional residential houses in their country prepared before their arrival.

The workshops were conducted by tutors: professor Magdalena Żmudzinska-Nowak,  Jerzy Wojewódka (PhD, SUT), Prof. Ning Li (Beijing University of Technology), Karolina Chodura, MA, and Agata Wyciślok, MA (SUT).

The completion of the programme allowed all students to receive 6 ECTS.

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