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Friday, January 11, 2019
A pass to a career for the sixth time

The 6th edition of the "Corporate Readiness Certificate" (CRC) programme was launched under the auspices of the following companies: Accenture, IBM and ING Tech Poland in cooperation with the Silesian University of Technology. It is addressed to students who will gain the bases of practical knowledge in the IT field, get to know the business environment from the inside, will take an internship, thanks to which they will find their dream jobs faster. On 5 December, in the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, a meeting of representatives of the Silesian University of Technology and various companies took place. During this meeting, the 6th edition of the “Corporate Readiness Certificate” was officially inaugurated. The Student Career Office is the university coordinator of the cooperation.
The meeting was chaired by the Vice Rector for General Affairs, Professor Bogusław Łazarz. Representatives of organizing companies, deans and vice deans of various departments of the Silesian University of Technology took part in the meeting. - I'm glad that this is the sixth edition of this successful programme - said Professor Lazarus, when welcoming the participants. - I hope that it will bring even better results than it did in previous years - he added.
The CRC programme allows for faster student development, allows students to acquire practical knowledge and helps them to develop skills to function in a complex, modern business environment. - We do not hide the fact, that the recruitment is one of the main goals of the programme. We’ve already been lucky to cooperate with many CRC graduates in our companies - emphasized MS Justyna Kasprowska from Accenture during the presentation of the programme.
The organizers of the programme aim also at changing students’ attitude towards working in large corporations and present it in a different light.
The schedule of the programme anticipates entrance exams in March 2019. Classes will take place until June and will end up with exams. The end of the programme is scheduled for July.
Participants of the programme will gain rapid development of skills and knowledge, they will gain the basics of practical knowledge in the IT field, get to know the business environment from the inside, frequently offered an internship in the company which organizes the programme. The CRC certificate is widely recognized among employers. The best students will be offered an apprenticeship or internship in partner companies.

Created: Friday, January 11, 2019 11:48 AM, by: Marianna Zając
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