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Tuesday, November 06, 2018
An employee and students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology design a new Municipal Stadium of Katowice

The project of an employee and students of the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology won the first prize in the International Competition for Urban Planning and Architecture for the Municipal Stadium Project in Katowice. Their idea met with great acceptance of the jury and will be implemented. The construction of the stadium will begin in two years.
The authors of the project are: arch. Damian Radwański PhD Eng. from the Faculty of Architecture and Marius Schlesiona, who jointly form the RS-Architekci company. The following students of the Silesian University of Technology were also involved: Jakub Kapral, Karolina Rusek, Piotr Szenkowski and Marcin Woźnica.
The new facility will be constructed in close vicinity of the A4 motorway, at the entrance to Katowice coming from the direction of Wrocław. The entire complex will consist of 6 training fields, a car park for 1.7 thousand of cars, football stadium for 15 thousand fans, multifunctional sports hall for approx. 3 thousand spectators, as well as other sports facilities of different functions.
- The main part of the sports complex is the city stadium integrated together with the sports hall. They form one compact structure together. As for the audience, there will be four sloping grandstands (west, north, east and south?. The turf is equipped with heating, drainage, hydration, aeration, etc. Each of the stands is built of 20 rows, which will seat 15,000 fans in the future. Nearly 800 places separated in the north-east corner are intended for visiting guests. Over 500 places in the central part of the grandstand will constitute a VIP zone, and approximately 800 places located in the south-western corner will serve as a zone of the family sector. The integration of the roof drainage system with the pitch turf irrigation system were also assumed in the project- explains arch. Damian Radwański PhD Eng.
The jury awarded the first prize for creating a homogeneous, integrated complex with minimalist architecture and an intimate scale, which uses the natural topography of the land and its natural conditions. - Opening this complex to the south, to greenery through the picturesque entrance square and the entrance avenue, they create a contemporary open space with characteristic features for the object. The work is fully consistent with the local zoning plan for this area. It is possible to implement the project without no further comments or changes to its study - we read in the justification.
Works on the project began on 1 October. They will continue till the end of November 2019. Construction of the stadium will begin in 2020 and it is planned to continue till 2021.

Created: Tuesday, November 06, 2018 12:29 PM, by: Marianna Zając
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