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Department of Building Structures
5 Akademicka Street, 44-100 Gliwice,
tel./fax +48-32-237-11-27,

Head of the Department:

D.Sc. Ph.D. Eng. Assoc. Prof. Łukasz Drobiec

Scientific and didactic staff:


  • BSc Alicja BORKOWSKA

Ph.D. students:

  • MSc Eng. Małgorzata KIJANKA
  • MSc Eng. Michael PAMUŁA
  • MSc Eng. Jacek KOŁODZIEJ

Former employees:

Retired employees:

  • Prof. PhD Eng. Włodzimierz STAROSOLSKI
  • Prof. PhD Eng. Zbigniew MENDERA
  • Prof. PhD Eng. Adam ZYBURA
  • DSc PhD Eng. Assoc. Prof. Walter Wuwer
  • PhD Eng. Assoc. Prof. Jan ZAMOROWSKI
  • PhD Eng. Marianna GLENSZCZYK
  • PhD Eng. Marian KAZEK †
  • PhD Eng. Józef GŁĄBIK
  • PhD Eng. Ireneusz GROCHOWSKI
  • PhD Eng. Zbigniew PAJĄK
  • PhD Eng. Piotr KUCZ
  • PhD Eng. Wiesław ZAMOROWSKI
  • PhD Eng. Ryszard KLISZCZEWICZ
  • BSc Eng. Janusz GUZIAKIEWICZ
  • BSc Eng. Władysław MARCHACZ
  • Renata PIASECKA

Didactic activity:

  • Design of reinforced concrete structures in civil engineering.
  • Design of steel structures.
  • Design of steel-concrete composite structures.
  • Design of masonry structures.
  • Diploma thesis supervisory.

Scientific activity:

  • Experimental tests of reinforced concrete structures:
    • support zone of column-slab structures (punching shear),
    • continuous beams,
    • multi-field column-slab structures in accidental situation,
    • effectiveness of concrete-to-concrete bound on the basis of dynamic measurement.
  • Laboratory tests of masonry structures:
    • in bi-axial compression,
    • in complex state of stress – shear and compression,
    • in complex state of stress – bending and compression.
  • Tests of steel structures including:
    • resistance and stiffness of semi-rigid joints with blind fasteners in cold-formed steel structures,
    • resistance of corrugated web girders,
    • analysis of complex structures including imperfections,
    • impact of elevated temperature in the case of fire,
    • steel-concrete composite structures.
  • Durability problems of reinforced concrete structures:
    • thermodynamic modelling of corrosion,
    • cathodic protection, electrochemical chloride extraction, realkalization of carbonated concrete,
    • advanced polarization measurements of reinforcement corrosion rate,
    • testing of protective properties of concrete,
    • inhibitors effectiveness assessment.

Technical services offer:

  • Technical condition expertises and safety assessment of buildings with reinforced concrete, masonry, composite and steel structures.
  • Technical tests of structures:
    • dynamic – with eight-channel 24 bit vibration analyzer, piezoelectric and laser sensors, modal hammer,
    • reinforcement location – with ferroscanners Hilti FS10 i RV10,
    • concrete strength ‒ with CAPO-TEST tool, Schmidt sclerometer and ultrasonic pulse analyzer CT-1,
    • occurrence of voids, delamination and other discontinuities in concrete – with DOCter Impact-Echo device,
    • risk of reinforcement corrosion ‒ with stationary potential measuring device DRAM 02/CMT and concrete resistivity device DHC 04 / CMT,
    • protective properties of concrete sampled with a grinding wheel Profil Grinder Kit / German Instruments,
    • reinforcement corrosion rate ‒ with Gamry’s potentiostat Referance 600.


Results of research conducted in Department of Building Structures by last twenty three years (1994-2017) have been published in 44 books, monographs and manuals, 83 chapters in monographs, 605 technical-scientific papers in domestic and foreign journals as well as 607 papers on domestic and international conferences. In addition, 35 items of various types of training materials and informers were developed.


Department of Building Structures was distinguished in 1994 from the Institute of Building Structures, which was established as a result of the reorganization of the University in 1971. However, the origin of the Department is much earlier, reaching the establishment of the Silesian University of Technology in 1945 when the Departments of Ferro-Concrete Structures (from 1953 Reinforced Concrete) and Steel Structures were created.

The first head of the Department of Building Structures in the years 1994 - 2003 was Prof. Ph.D. Eng. Włodzimierz Starosolski. Next, from 2003 to 2017, the Department was headed by prof. dr hab. Eng. Adam Zybura and currently it is headed by D.Sc. Ph.D. Eng. Assoc. Prof. Łukasz Drobiec.

The Department consists of two Teams: Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures and Steel Structures. The main scientific activity of the Department includes experimental tests and theoretical analyzes on strength and stiffness of all types of reinforced concrete, masonry, composite and steel structures. Specialized laboratory equipment enables testing of large-size components in a complex load condition. In addition, problems regarding the durability of reinforced concrete structures are being solved. Scientific work was carried out, among others, within 19 research projects of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and 4 projects financed by the European Union in the Innovative Economy Operational Program. Up to now the Department of Building Structures cooperated with about 130 companies from industry sector, providing them with services in the range of scientific-technical expertise, experimental tests and many others. In the Department of Building Structures 11 employees have the right to perform independent technical functions in construction, while 4 persons are appraisers in accordance with the Construction Law.

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