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Course: civil engineering
Specialization: Structural Engineering
Diploma profile: Civil and Industrial Structures
Study: full-time
Degree: second
Language of lectures: english

Students of the second degree of studies in the specialization Structural Engineering broaden and consolidate the knowledge acquired at the first level of study. Due to the wide range of subjects covered by the second level studies, diploma profiles appear here.

The diploma profile "Civil and Industrial Structures" puts special emphasis on the ability of independent design of all types of construction and industrial buildings, in the field of concrete structures (including reinforced concrete and compressed), metal, masonry and wooden. At the same time, theoretical and research knowledge is perfected, preparing students for solving research and science issues. They obtain a large-scale preparation in the field of computer-aided design.

As a result, the graduates of the SE-CIS specialization are prepared primarily for independent work in design and implementation units as well as research and development facilities related to construction. The wide and universal scope of the knowledge gained during studies is a guarantee of getting a job.

Completing the second degree of studies opens the way to obtaining design and executive qualifications in the field of diploma (or related) profile, and also allows continuing education at the doctoral level.

The diploma of the graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology confirms high professional qualifications, enabling conscious and creative execution of the profession of civil engineer at home and abroad.

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Diploma profile Civil and Industrial Structures