23 stycznia 2015
Konkurs Celan Sky, nabór do 31 marca 2015

Uprzejmie informujemy o ogłoszeniu I konkursu „Call for Proposals 01” w ramach wspólnego przedsięwzięcia Clean Sky 2 o budżecie 48 mln Euro, wnioski można składać do 31 marca 2015 roku za pośrednictwem strony Komisji Europejskiej:
Konkurs zawiera następujące tematy:
1.       Aerodynamic and acoustic capabilities developments for close coupling, high bypass ratio turbofan Aircraft integration
2.       Advanced predictive models development and simulation capabilities for Engine design space exploration and performance optimization
3.       CROR Engine debris Impact. Shielding design, manufacturing, simulation and Impact test preparation
4.       Aero-acoustic experimental characterization of a CROR (Contra Rotating Open Rotor) engine WT model with core flow in propellers architecture
5.       Blade FEM impact simulations and sample manufacturing for CROR Aircraft
6.       Design and demonstration of a laminar nacelle concept for business jet
7.       Eco Design for Airframe - Re-use of Thermoplastics Composites
8.       Flightworthy Flush & Lightweight doors for unpressurized Fast Rotorcraft
9.       Bird strike - Erosion resistant and fast maintainable windshields
10.    Curved stiffened panels in thermoplastics by preindustrial ISC process
11.    New enhanced acoustic damping composite material
12.    Structural bonded repair of monolithic composite airframe
13.    Simulation tool development for a composite manufacturing process default prediction integrated into a quality control system
14.    Design Against Distortion: Part distortion prediction, design for minimized distortion, metallic aerospace parts
15.    Engine Mounting System (EMS) for Ground Test Demo
16.    Development of an all-oxide Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) Engine Part
17.    Characterisation of Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behaviour
18.    Advanced analytical tool for the understanding and the prediction of core noise for large civil aero engine with low emission core
19.    VHBR Engine - Advanced bearing technology
20.    Crack growth threshold analysis in TiAl alloys
21.    Power Density improvement demonstrated on a certified engine
22.    High Performance Turbocharger
23.    Alternative Architecture Engine research
24.    Engine Installation Optimization
25.    Support to the aerodynamic and aeroelastic analysis of a trimmed, complete compound R/C and related issues
26.    Aerodynamic and functional design study of a full-fairing semi-watertight concept for an articulated rotor head
27.    Support to the aerodynamic analysis and design of propellers of a compound helicopter
28.    Tools development for aerodynamic optimization on engine air intake
29.    HVDC Starter/Generator
30.    High Voltage Network Battery
31.    Power Conversion
32.    HVDC Network management
33.    OPEN ROTOR Engine Mounting System
34.    Support to future CROR and UHBR propulsion system maturation
35.    Development of advanced laser-beam welding technology for the manufacturing of structures for titanium HLFC structures
36.    Cost Reduction On Composite Structure Assembly – Blind fastener inspection technology for quality control
37.    Cost Reduction On Composite Structure Assembly - Definition And Development Of An Inspection Tool To Characterize Inner Surface Hole Quality
38.    Rapid Assembly Of Bracket For Structure-System Integration
39.    Automation in Final Aircraft Assembly Lines and Enabling Technologies
40.    Environmental Friendly Fire Suppression
41.    Development of Thermoelastic Stress Analysis for the detection of stress hotspots during structural testing
42.    Process and Methods for E2E Maintenance Architecture development and demonstrations and solutions for technology integration
43.    Aircraft System Prognostic solutions integrated into an airline E2E maintenance operational context
44.    Airline Maintenance Operations implementation of an E2E Maintenance Service Architecture and its enablers
45.    Aerodynamic characterization of control devices for wing loads control and aircraft response characterization of a regional turboprop aircraft
46.    Smart Integrated Wing – Life extended hydrostatic & lubricated systems
47.    Modular, scalable, multi-function, high power density power controller for electric taxi
48.    Robust package for harsh environment and optimization of electrical characteristic of rectifier bridge using high current diode
49.    Smart Oil pressure sensors for oil cooled starter/generator
50.    Instrumented bearing for oil cooled starter/generator
51.    Evaluate mechanical and fatigue capabilities for diode die in harsh environment
52.    Development of MODELICA libraries for ECS and thermal management architectures
53.    Embedded sensors technology for air quality measurement
Aktualności na temat programu można otrzymywać również poprzez zapisanie się do newslettera Clean Sky 2: http://www.cleansky.eu/newsletter_subscription.

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