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Faculty of Applied Mathematics - History


The Faculty was founded in 1969, due to the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. It was formed out of the Departments of Physics, Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry, already existing at various faculties of the University. The initial name of the faculty was the "Faculty of Mathematics and Physics". At that time, it was the first and only such faculty at technical universities in Poland. Professor Aleksander Opilski was the Dean-Founder and  the  first Dean of the Faculty. At the moment of foundation, the Faculty employed 14  Professors and Docents, 16 Assistant Professor (Adjuncts), 39 Senior Lecturers and Lecturers and%nbsp; 85 Assistants.

In 1971, the new structure of the Faculty was introduced – the Institute of Physics and  the  Institute of Mathematics were established in the Faculty. Later, the Institute of  Theoretical Mechanics and the Institute of Descriptive Geometry were founded in 1974 and  1981 respectively. However, in 1992 the Institute of Theoretical Mechanics was moved into the Faculty of Civil Engineering and in 1995 the former Institute of Descriptive Geometry was transformed into the Centre of Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics.

In 2010, the Institute of Physics was extracted from the structure of the Faculty and became an  independent unit named the Institute of Physics – Centre for Science and Education. In  consequence, in 2011 the Faculty changed its name into the one currently in force: the "Faculty of Applied Mathematics".

Over the years, the Faculty developed its own academic staff, now representing the majority of  researchers and academics working there. At the moment, the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, that is the Institute of Mathematics, employs 63 researchers and academics, including 5 Professors and Associate Professors, 3 University Professors, 28 Assistant Professors (Adjuncts), 15 Senior Lecturers and Instructors, 5 Assistants and 7 PhD Students.


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