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The Faculty employs 41 professors  and associate professors and 147 PhDs.
The Faculty carries out research in the following fields:
- Strategic management in companies and economic regions
- Values in contemporary company management
- HR management
- Personnel marketing theory and practice
- Financial services marketing
- Company assets management
- International expansion of companies
- Urban logistics
- International logistics
- Project management
- Product technology and quality management
- Processes of change  and strategies of  company development
- Computer – aided  engineering tasks
- Virtual Working Environment
- Human Body Modelling and Computer Aided ergonomics analysis
- Creation and exploitation of acoustic maps
- Political and legal problems of Upper Silesia Region
- Promotion of employment in local government
- Public safety
- Rescue systems
- Emergency management
- Quality management in manufacturing, service  and administrative companies
- Management of environmentally friendly processes.

Our Faculty has signed continuous cooperation agreements with numerous foreign scientific centres like: Ecole de Mines de Saint Etienne, Fachhochschule Bielefeld, Bergische Universitat – Gesamthochschule Wuppertal, Internationales Hochschulinstitut Zittau, VIA University College, Copenhagen University, College of Engineering, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Faculty of Technology Management, Coventry University.


- Institute of Economy and Informatics
- Department of Applied Social Sciences
- Institute of Production Engineering
- Institute of Management and Administration


- Administration
- Logistics
- Sociology
- Management
- Management and Production Engineering


Faculty of Organization and Management

Roosevelta 26
41-800 Zabrze
Tel.: +48 32 2777314
Dean: Professor Krzysztof Wodarski PhD, DSc
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