How to get to Gliwice

International Mobility Office arranges pick-up service (free of charges for Erasmus/ exchange students) from Katowice-Pyrzowice airport, Kraków-Balice (group of students) airport and bus station located in Upper-Silesia region. If you choose other airports, below you will get necessary information.

Pick up service is unavailable in Gliwice city area.

To be picked up by our transport service fill in Arrival/ Departure form, give needed details and send back to contact person responsible for incomings at the International Mobility Office

Inform person for incoming students about your arrival as soon as possible, at least 1 week before. In case no information the room will not be prepared upon your arrival and the reception will not allow you to enter the dormitory.
The International Mobility Office organizes pick-up service twice during student's stay:
  • at the beginning (arrival),
  • at the end (departure).
Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport (highly recommended)
The nearest airport located within 30 minutes by car to Gliwice.
Web site of the Katowice-Pyrzowice airport here:
Kraków-Balice Airport
An airport located further - 3,5 hours by train or 1,5 hours by car to Gliwice.
Web site of the Kraków-Balice airport here:
Wrocław Airport

An airport located in the neighboring region, within ~2 hours by car, 2,5 hours by train to Gliwice. Detailed instruction how to get to the city centre can be found here:

Then take a train which goes via Gliwice.

Warszawa Airport (Fryderyk Chopin Airport)

In order to get from the airport to main railway station in our capital you can either take taxi (more comfortable but also more expensive), bus or train.

Detailed information about an access of the Fryderyk Chopin Airport can be found here: transport).             

Bus stop and taxi rank are in front of the airport entrance/exit. From Warszawa to Gliwice you may choose train or plane connection.

- by train

Take an express train (IC, EIC, TLK) which goes via Katowice (capital of the Silesia region). Then, in Katowice change a train (marked KS - local train company) which goes right to Gliwice.

- by plane

Check web site of the following operators who offer regional flights in Poland:

1. Eurolot:


Bus connections

Check web site of the following bus operators:

- Polski bus:

- PKS-browsers: or

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