Application procedure

The application precedure includes:
Obligatory nomination letter from partner university must be e-mailed directly to and should contain:
    - student's full name and surname,
    - gender,
    - valid 1 e-mail address,
    - receiving faculty at the Silesian University of Technology,
    - period of stay (winter/summer semester, whole academic year).

      Nominated students will receive further instruction.


      The recruitment for 2016/2017 and another years will be on-line. On-line platform will be open in following periods:

      - 01/05 – for those who apply for winter semester/ whole academic year
      - 01/10 – 01/12 – for those who apply for summer.

      The web link to log-in:

      On the base of nomination letter (e-mail sent from Relations Office of student’s home unversity) you will get necessary information concerning SUT’s on-line platform. Read carefully this instructions. If you receive an e-mail (generated from on-line platform) asking for any changes, make them immediately (avoid delays).

      Students who are accepted by SUT’s Departmental Coordinator receive stutus „conditionally accepted” firstly. The status will be changed into „accepted” when you upload to your on-line profile Learning Agreement duly signed by Erasmus+ Coordinators of your home University.

      You may start your travel arrangements only when you receive Letter of Acceptance as well as Learning Agreement to your on-line profile. In case you do any kind of travel preparations having no above-listed documents the International Mobility Office does not take the responsibility for your decision.

      Unless you upload Learning Agreement (the one which had been genereted to your on-line profile; duly singed by your home University) untill the beginning of semester, your mobility cannot start.

      Language requirements

      English certificate should confirms skills at B1 level or higher (or equivalent) of BSc students, B2 level or higher (or equivalent) of MSc students; we want to make sure you'll be able to follow lectures and pass exams. We accept certificates from School of Foreign Languages public or private/ university unit/ Centre for Foreign Languages. Others, issued by Relations Office or recommendation letter (from professor) are not sufficient.

      English certificate should contain following data:
      • student's full name and surname,
      • information about English level,
      • obtained score from test,
      • score scale,
      • date of received English level,
      • name and surname of issuing person/ institution/ center/ school,
      • position of issuing person/ institution/ center/ school,
      • signature and stamp of person/ institution/ center/ school,
      • date of issue the certificate,
      • English certificate must be prepared on headed paper of issuing person/ institution/ center/ school.

      Procedure of accepting Erasmus +student
      The Departamental Exchange Coordinator will check your Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records (mainly) to see whether your previous knowledge is sufficient for participation in the desired courses/project.

      If any course will be unavailable, your will get an information.

      If you chose project, don't forget to specify the title or area of your interests in order to find a tutor for you.

      Depending on whether you meet the enrolment criteria for the courses and / or project that you wish to take, you’ll be accepted or not.



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      Application procedure