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The SUT requires 25-30 ECTS points to collect per semester. The minimum - 25 ECTS points cannot include language courses.

During courses selection in the on-line platform pay attention that some of them are available in winter semester  (odd semester) or summer semester (even semester) only.

If you apply to more than 1 faculty, select the priority (main) faculty by collecting the biggest numer of ECTS points. The priority faculty will register you in the EKOS and issue the student id card. In case changes to the study programme the priority faculty must remain the same.

Limit the number of faculties into 3 to avoid timetable conflict.

Courses marked with * may not be available during particular semester. In case doubts please contact Departmental Coordinator.

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Civil Eng.  

Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Mechanical Eng. (attachment)

Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials

Faculty of Mining and Geology  

Faculty of Transport

Faculty of Organisation & Management
Faculty of Biomedical Eng.
College of Foreign Languages
College of Education 


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